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The Good, The Bad and um... Me

The Words of a Crazed Pshyco

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The Facts

- Henry Hilton-James (don't ask... my parents named me)
- Married: Greydin Hilton-James (yes, he's a guy, get over it)
- Born and raised in Great Britain (living it up in Cali now)
- Siblings: Wow... too many... my favorite is my lovely Alexandra (but only cause I know she'll read this, ha ha)
- I write, sing, draw... among other things
- I'm old. (okay... like... 26... but still...)

Drawings by iharthdarth

Er... I think it's called fandom?
... Yeah... I guess that's what I write in...
Obi-Wan ♥'s Anakin
I ♥ Obi-Wan who ♥'s Anakin
Therefore, I write about this love

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P.S. - Brian ♥'s Justin... I don't care what anyone else says...